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Summit Jaffe, as Numatik, offers fresh and timelessly deep sonic expressions of love and gratitude. Currenty nestled in the ancient mountains of Appalachia, Summit has been digging deeper and deeper into his creative outlets in a mission of self-discovery and unfoldment. After experimenting with and learning the intricacies of analog synthesis at a young age, he […]

bright hawk_0

Bright Hawk

Percussion, Music and Service Around the Fire: Bright Hawk There are practical and magical aspects to drumming. As humans we struggle with the tools we are given and the limits of our daily existence. However we can choose the magic of the fire and the drum to release us from our earthly bonds and let […]


Carolyn Little

Finding the Center When we connect to our center, (our midline, our core), and we cultivate a sense of stability this fosters a sense of trust in ourselves. It’s from this stability that we can trust our foundation and explore our edges, pushing our boundaries outside of our comfort zone. We practice this on our […]


Sound Sanctuary Full Schedule

Kelli Joy, Vibrational Visionary will be co-creating the Sound Sanctuary at Unifier with a gifted collection of sound healers presenting inspired styles of vibrational artistry and vision. We will hold sacred space for those who wish to take a transformational sound journey, ignite the inner fire and connect heart and mind through harmonic convergence. Unifier […]


Sea Level

The solo project of producer/multi-instrumentalist Dan Capaldi is based out of Portland, Maine. Sea Level combines elements of hip-hop, jazz, indie rock and orchestral film music into a unique electronically manipulated sound. Through the use of an elaborate series of loopers, samplers and live instruments, Dan performs over an assortment of sounds all of which […]

Amy Smiles

Amy Dawn Verebay

The Power of Breath: We breathe to stay alive, we do breathwork to thrive!!!! Breathwork is an intense and deeply transformative modality for personal growth and healing. Conscious, connected breathing greatly expands your physical breath capacity, and increases self-knowledge by revealing previously unconscious patterns.  The more deeply and consciously you can breathe, the more you can accept […]


Justis Hatch

Spiraling Closer: A Contact Improvisation Class with Justis Hatch We will be exploring the spiral nature of our movements and musculature as a means of dancing in contact. Using the balance of inherent yin and yang forces we will meet each other as uniquely complete beings playing in the field of touch. Discover how the meeting […]


Reed Burnam: Intro to Permaculture

Reed Burnam: Introduction to Permaculture   Permaculture is an ecological design science aimed at the establishment of truly sustainable human settlements.  Though the term was first coined in the 1970’s, today permaculture is a global movement that has expanded to include a presence in most countries of the world, and is being implemented and spread […]


Blessed and Gifted

A musical fusion of Funk, Soul, Reggae, and Hip-Hop. Our goal is to unite our listeners with music, sound and emotion. We strive to connect on a personal level and convey a message of positive energy and awareness. Andrew Colao – Vocals, Guitar, Percussion Chad Eary – Guitar, Vocals Tucker Emerson – Bass Rob Bonaccorso – Drums Shannon Yennie – […]


Shiva Shakti Hoop Dance

Twirling, Tunnels & Treasure!  (All Ages-Tots 3 & Up and Parents Encouraged)   The hoop is a portal into the dimension of play! Families can join together for a hoop-centric exploration into the deep and wild unknown! Games & play for all. (45 min)   Jump & Jam (Ages 7-12) Reach new heights and seek adventure! […]

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