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Uhuru Afrika

Uhuru Afrika

UHURU AFRIKA : Boston’s Afro-Diasporic Dancefloow Explosion! Uhuru Afrika throws multi-sensory celebrations of culture born from the African continent and the Diaspora. Rooted in deep soulful afro-centric house music, Uhuru Afrika features resident DJ Adam Gibbons resident Malian percussionist Sidy Maiga, and resident VJ Jay Medina. Uhuru Afrika occurs in Boston, extends into live music […]

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Matt Carey

A Multi-Instrumentalist, Music Producer, Performer and Community Leader, Matt Carey of Providence, RI is an up and coming talent that showcases a versatility, intention and quality of work that is poised to peak the interests of music fans worldwide.  At 24 years of age, Matt has become a fixture in the North East U.S. Music […]

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