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Martin Clark Bridge

Martin was born into a lineage of artists and educators, a family tradition he is proud to carry forth. His art spans a wide range of media including painting, sculpture, theater design and site-specific installation. His spiritual path, as an Animist, is a primary influence in his art that celebrates the sacredness inherent in nature, […]


Jovielle Gers

Embodying the Mystery, Illuminating the World Drawing from the Krishnamacharya lineage– Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Vini yoga– Jovielle will lead a breath-based, slow-flow vinyasa class, which focuses on releasing tension patterns and arriving in harmonious alignment while cleansing and vitalizing the koshas (layers of being/consciousness or “envelopes”). All levels welcome! Knowing yourself, knowing the world…this is the entry point, […]

Vadalna set-03

Vadalna Tribal Dance Company: Odissi Classical Indian Dance

Odissi Classical Indian Dance   INTENSIVE  $45  Friday 11am Description: Tracing its origin back over a millennia, Odissi is one of the oldest surviving dance forms in India. Since Vedic times, great importance has been placed on dance, which was to be used as a vehicle of worship. Dance was once considered the highest offering […]

heather powers 3

Heather Powers: Pure Elegance

  Pure Elegance: OPEN  Saturday 4-5:50pm There is magnetism in a dancer who can ooze elegance in their dance. My hope is impart a better hold on your inner grace and bring it forward in a combo geared toward making an emotional connection that the viewer can’t take their eyes off. This workshop will start […]


Bevin Victoria & Urban Nomad: Fire Inside-Dancing Bigger Than Your Body

Fire Inside: Dancing Bigger Than Your Body    OPEN  Sunday 12-1:50pm Exploring tribal fusion technique outside of the box, outside of the body.  Using and practicing misdirection with waving, ticking, breathe work and visualization we will work on creating dynamic and intentional movement using practical energy work with ancient and modern dance techniques. We will […]


Pia Louise Capaldi

Shamanic Journey Dance  Focusing on internal exploration and external expression, attendees will learn to develop a new understanding of their individual creative energy and process. This experience will inspire its participants to explore their own energetic language through guided journey work, as well as carefully selected movement and dance exercises targeted to promote healthy energetic […]

Joness Jones

Once upon a time, I had a visionary experience that revealed painting to be my life’s purpose . Since then, I have kept painting as a spiritual practice, and a tool for transformation and personal evolution. One way I express this is to choose an area of life that could use improvement or healing, and paint about it. […]

Persi Narvaez (2)

Persi Narvaez

Persi Narvaez is an international artist born in Lima, Peru. He graduated with the silver metal in 1995 from National School of Fine Art in Lima. His inspiration comes from the pre-Incas cultures and the divine and mystic of the universe. He connect the mystical and spiritual world with everyday life, urban scenes blend with […]

Bill head shot w_o beard

Bill Pfeiffer

Nature and Ecstasy: Getting Back to the Garden! Each one of us has a deep cellular memory of living in harmony with the natural world and our fellow humans. During each weekend of a six part series, we will will focus on a key cultural ingredient that made us successful and joyful as a species. “Nature and […]


Jamie Janover: Unified Field Theory of scientist Nassim Haramein…

The Unified Field Theory of scientist Nassim Haramein and Beyond… Presented by Jamie Janover, lead emissary for Nassim Haramein & The Resonance Project. Have you ever wondered about how the universe really works? How we fit in? Have you experienced the micro-macro dynamics of existence, or sensed it? Do you feel, or instinctually know that […]

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