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Dessert Dwellers

Desert Dwellers

Desert Dwellers consists of Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe, each of whom began their careers as independent music producers and DJs in the deserts of New Mexico and California. Coming together in the late 1990s after connecting through the Moontribe events in the deserts outside Los Angeles, today the duo enjoys a reputation as one […]



Lu·mi·nary: noun 1. a body or conduit that gives light 2. a person who is an inspiration to others Luminaries Formed in Venice Beach California, and immersed in one of the most culturally diverse communities in LA, arises the heart driven, and service orientated Hip Hop emissaries of peace, the Luminaries. From the underground parties in […]


Kirtan Soul Revival

Kirtan Soul Revival (KSR) is New York City’s funkiest devotional mantra music experience. They use traditional Sanskrit mantras, original music, spirituals and music from around the world to create a unique, dynamic sound that merges funk, rock, rhythm and blues, world grooves, and chants. Lush three-part harmonies add fullness and depth to their sound. Kirtan […]


Om Frequency

Om Frequency is Boston based producer Shawn Starkweather and various guests that record live instrumentation over world electronic beats. May the many sounds of Om Frequency seduce you into traveling with them as they spiral along the path of each composition, and at each journey’s end, may you find the destination to be a state of […]


Suns of the Earth

Bringing a powerful & evocative new sound in our times of great change; Suns of the Earth is a unique blend of genres, bringing rootsy earth vibes with fresh lyrics, catchy hooks and epic chorus’s that are powerful and uplifting to sing along with. Suns of the Earth re-ignites the ancient with the new, bringing […]


Zebbler Encanti Experience

Zebbler Encanti Experience (aka “ZEE”) is an audio/visual collaboration between video artist Zebbler and electronic music producer Encanti, based out of Boston, USA. The Experience is an immersive performance of mapped visuals on three custom winged projection screens, synchronized with heavy peak-hour psychedelic bass music, resulting in the creation of a fantasy world for audiences […]

Nahko and Medicine for the People

Nahko and Medicine for the People

“As a musical collective, our mission is to be the motivation and inspiration for all that have become members of our Tribe. Within our global community, we have access to the tools needed to make changes, take action and spread awareness of how to live in harmony with Mother Gaia herself. We are honored to […]



Eric Freeman is an electronic music producer, multi-instrumentalist, photographer and video artist.    In his music production,  Eric weaves together elements of world, electronic, and experimental sounds to create a sonic landscape accompanied by visuals.      


East Forest

East Forest weaves dream pop soundscapes from his vintage keys, intimate vocals, and original field recordings. His pioneering live looping reflects motifs of nature and the inner spiritual landscape juxtaposed with the realities and possibilities of modern society. The ethereal sonic architecture has been called “blissful” (NPR), “unerringly gorgeous” (Nothing Sounds Better), and likened to […]

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