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Ancestral Blessing, Lantern lighting

Ancestral Blessing, Lantern lighting We are gathering together from many places and for multiple reasons upon  this beautiful land. As we are together being present in the moment and making connections for the future, let us Remember to honor those from the past.  Honoring those parts of what we are, those parts that are unseen, […]


Sandhi Ferreira

Description: A Jivamukti yogi has a sense of adventure as we venture to wake up. This practice is designed to take us to the edges of who we think we are. We focus with chanting and sweat with flowing asana sequences. You will be challenged only to the degree you need and are willing to […]


Kirtan with Tamal and Shakti

Tom Lena (Tamal Krishna das), A musician and Bhakti poet,  creates and offers devotional songs that nourish us integrally with moods ranging from prayerful to celebratory. Having accompanied many names in the Yoga music genre, including American chant masters such as Shubalananda, Gaura Vani, Girish, Temple Bhajan Band, and Jaya Lakshmi, Tom’s groundbreaking Cd, “OM […]


Kirtan with Bhakti Dojo

Bhakti Dojo is a Brooklyn-based kirtan group hosted by Srikala and Jesse Johnson. We lead an open kirtan practice every Sunday afternoon at our home in Brooklyn, where we chant the holy names and share stories and poems from the ancient mystics. “Bhakti” describes the qualities of devotion, surrender and divine love. “Dojo” is a […]



Unifier welcomes the sonic accoutrements, in the stylings of a special Sunday bliss-synth gospel set by sultry sound alchemist Erothyme, from the Rocky Mountains!! These unmistakably playful grooves and intricate melodies are sure to take the listener and dancer on a wild journey to seal the magic of the weekend. Really lovely, spacious, thoughtful, intelligent, […]


Maddie Elling

Maddie Elling grew up in Western Ma and founded Hosta Hill in 2011 with her partner Abe.  A lover of plants, water, animals and food she loves the dynamic work of farming and food production.  You can find her at farmers markets thoughout Massachusetts or taking swim breaks on hot days. “Hands On Seasonal Fermentation […]


Turkish Darbuka Workshop by Raquy

Darbuka  Turkish Split Hand  Open Level The Turkish Split Hand Technique is a darbuka style that has appeared in Turkey in the last 20 years. The drummers split the hand into two, like in Indian tabla playing, attaining incredible speed and dexterity. Raquy has lived in Istanbul for the past several years learning this style […]


Song Circle with Iemanjo and Rainbow Crow

Song Circle with Iemanjo and Rainbow Crow Free your inner voice, share a song, sing along, or just bask in the glow….Iemanjo and Rainbow Crow will play a short set of beautiful medicine songs and then open it up to the rest of the circle.  Bring instruments and songs to share! This a participatory workshop […]


Josh Hilditch, Nikki Stearns, & Kelli Joy

Tuning Forks & Sacred Energetics Thursday 3pm Featuring Josh Hilditch of Full Circle Holistics, Nikki Stearns, & Kelli Joy of Vibrational Visionary Finely tuned in frequencies of the forking kind to be combined with Reiki energy therapy and Himalayan bowls that sing the song of perfect balance. May the Forks be with you!   Joshua Hilditch […]

Please note: all schedules subject to change.