A Poet, Spiritual ‘Actorvist,’ and Filmmaker.
Eckhart Tolle has called Alice’s poetry his “favorite he ever heard.” Her collection “F.O.A. – Full On Arrival” is written out of Oneness consciousness and so has the power to lead us back there. Her’s is a divine twist of spoken word and transformative meditation.
Alice is named one of the “top 100 creatives making change in the world” in ORIGIN magazine.

She is obsessed with a new paradigm of love and films and teaches its inquiry everywhere.

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Opening Relating

A navigation of what the most current phase of Relating on this planet might look like in order to optimally distribute love, as a resource.

Our conversation will include the hows of open relationship and a new concept of “Uniamory.”

We will also practice tools of communication within this context.


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