Alice Frank

Evolving Relating

What the heck is love? What is this thing that kills us, saves us, and IS us, all at the same time? What is it for on this planet? How can we maximize what the heck we DO with it?

It seems that some practices within relating diminish the embodiment of our highest potentials, and some strengthen that fullness. We get to explore those dynamics, steering ourselves towards shapes of relating that facilitate evolution- for us personally and for the world.

Some practices within relating seem to diminish or inhibit our embodying our highest potentials. Some seem to strengthen and support our being our fullest. Let us explore that fullness and how we might relate to each other, personally and collectively, to see a more optimized form of loving in our lifetimes.

With less of a focus on one form (monogamy, polyamory, celibacy…) being ‘right,’ we get to explore from a fluid space what our most intimate and personal inclinations are asking for. We each have our own Heartprint, distinctive as a fingerprint, and our fullness counts on our listening radically to it.

We will explore the concept of “open relationship” discussing very practical “Ground Rules for Open Relating: 101,” that are tried and true. All that is discussed will remain rooted, less in what form it ultimately takes, but the ripples in us and the world that it MAKES.

glisten to yourself.

So Much Love .

Alice Frank

Alice Frank is a poet, filmmaker and spiritual ‘actorvist.’

Named one of the top 100 creatives making change in the world in last month’s origin magazine, she has been a leader in communication within political, corporate, and spiritual arenas around the world. Poetry- “F.O.A.- Full On Arrival,” Film- “OPEN- Uniamory for all,” Spiritual Actorvism “1BDY- There is No Other.”

We are One

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