Amanda Carson (Hummingbird)

Amanda is a world traveller, dancer, yogini, and intuitive whose passion for adventure has lead her to explore over 20 of the countries on this magical earth. She fell in love with yoga at a young age and has been teaching yoga and dance (primarily belly dance and aerials) for the last 7 years. Her travels and deep love for self expression through movement creates an ‘experience’ that is both joyful and grounded, explorative and structured. Amanda truly believes in the human family, sisterhood, and crafting classes that all levels of practitioners can enjoy.

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Hummingbird Rising Yoga: The Elements

Hummingbird Rising Yoga with Amanda embodies a beautiful poem, the Song of Power. “Tierra es mi cuerpo, agua es mi sangre, viento es mi aliento, fuego es mi espiritu”. The earth is my body, water is my blood, the wind is my breath, and fire is my spirit. Four segments of deep, juicy, light, and inspired yoga movements and breaths to connect you with the elements that compose each and every one of us. Culminating in a mindful meditation, connecting with the the element of ether. All levels, bring a yoga mat!

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