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Amy Dawn Verebay

The Power of Breath:

We breathe to stay alive, we do breathwork to thrive!!!!

Breathwork is an intense and deeply transformative modality for personal growth and healing. Conscious, connected breathing greatly expands your physical breath capacity, and increases self-knowledge by revealing previously unconscious patterns.  The more deeply and consciously you can breathe, the more you can accept all the beauty, abundance, and power your life wants to offer you!

In this workshop we will breathe in eye contact with others in the circle for an hour with music as our inspiration.  Breathing together in this supportive environment, we will discover depths of our inner wisdom, compassion and acceptance.  The comfort with your breath that arises from practicing breathwork helps you fully embrace life’s gifts and flow with greater ease.  Come take this incredible journey into non-ordinary states of consciousness where side effects include joy and peace!


Amy Dawn Verebay is a huge fan of breathing. She loves to share the magic and power of breathwork with people who are committed to their own deep personal growth. She is also priestess, ecstatic dancer, singer, and Circus Yogini. She combines her talents using movement, voice and conscious breathing, to help others gain powerful insight and transform their lives. Amy has helped individuals with anxiety, insecurities, stress, trauma, and the most common disorder of all, seriousness. She has trained in breathwork, yoga, natural healing and personal empowerment in W. Mass, Montreal, NYC, California, Hawaii, Thailand and India. She teaches privately and to groups in Brooklyn, NY, and has taught in Canada, Thailand, Costa Rica, and throughout New England, notably at Kripalu in Lenox, MA.

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Breathwork/Restorative/Jungle Yoga

– a principle based practice-

Inclusion, Diversity, Courage, Trust, The Power of Play, Appropriate Risk, Curiosity, Connection, Deep Listening, Co-Authorship, Invention, Cooperation, Collaboration, Community-Building, Celebration, Gratitude, Expansion, Evolution

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