Billy Woods

Qi Gung, A Road to Better Health
Qi Gung (Chi Kung) practice was developed in China over a period of centuries to increase ones level of internal vitality through use of breath’ slow movement forms which are often based on the movements of nature or on animal movements, and visualizations patterns related to the oriental system of energy meridians in the body. regular practice of the forms improves health by strengthening and cleansing on many levels.
Cloud Hands, also know as short power set.
A set of Nui Gung, internal exercises come from the Tao Ahn Pai  (Daoist Elixir style ) 4 standing and 6 seated and include a quiet  seating  meditation.These exercises help matin good health and increase vitality.
Shen nExercises:
A set of 12 Nui Gung  exercises  ( 6 seats and 6 standing )  develop Qi  energy, improve visual focus, and promote self healing.  These  exercises strengthen circulation of the blood and energies which are essential for good health and greater sensitivity to one’s own body.

Billy Woods has been a professional drummer since 1958, performing across the United States. In 1980, he discovered the dumbek and the rhythms of the Middle East. He has had the privilege of playing on stage with many wonderful musicians, including Souhail Kaspar. In the 30 years he has been teaching, many of his students have gone on to excel in their own right. A celebration of drums, Seeds of Time formed in 1997 with Billy Woods, Daveed Korup, and later Josh Levin. He has received national recognition including several awards for his contributions to the quality of drumming within the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. and is known as Master Sylvanus the Drummer.
In 2010 he began his latest stage show,  Peace, love and light, featuring “peace is possible” and “Franken-funk” his new recordings ( you tube video’s). my stage set. about 20 minutes see: peace is possible page @
Billy began studying the teachings of Grand Master Share K. Lew (called the Dao Dan Pai or Daoist Elixir Style) of San Diego. GRAND-MASTER LEW studied 14 years as a resident monk at at Wong Lung Gaun ( yellow dragon temple ) on Mt Luo Fa in Canton China In1980. He began his studies with Sufi Dr. Thomas McCombs Billy’s teacher and school brother. He traveled to china with grandmaster Lew in 1986 and in 1989 to study. He has been teaching workshops since 1985. In 2011 he became Wandering Abbot of Spirit Gate Temple ( Shen-men Gaun).


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