Binaural Beat Brothers

Chris Sturk of Binaural Beat Brothers

Chris works with therapeutic sound throughout New England. Residing in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts, he provides sound for meditation and yoga. He is a founding member of The Resonance Collective and Binaural Beat Brothers ft. Resonant Phibrations — a group of sound workers that incorporate binaural beats, intentional frequencies, and sacred sound instruments into sound experiences.

Casey Ray of Binaural Beat Brothers

I am a mathematical, acoustical cosmonaut surfing ethereal waves harmonic; I breathe sunlight and am a brother to lightning. Through several years of study, I have come to find that my understandings of life are shared through my passions to communicate concepts of Sacred Geometry, Science, Music, and Souls; I am a scholar of purpose. Be well, and never forget: The beat doesn’t stop!!

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Mana Liminality: A Chakra Meditation: Thursday 5 PM

Enjoy a full-body sonic cleansing as we perform our album Mana Liminality: A Chakra Meditation live, with an explanation of the album’s significance in the realm of sound therapies. This performance consists of binaural beats and frequencies composed with intention to bring sonic attunement to each chakra system, together with gongs, didjeridoos and light percussion. Mana Liminality is about movement; though some tracks offer meditative journeys, the majority of this album is focused on breaking up blockages to allow fluidity and resonation with the inner and outer cosmos.

Restoring Resonance : Friday 1 PM

Presented by Binaural Beat Brothers

Experience a set of therapeutic soundscape compositions from Restoring Resonance, the sophomore album from Binaural Beat Brothers. This album features binaural beat patterns inspired by breath and heart rhythms of resting and hibernating animals and humans. Binaural beats influencing deep delta and theta brain wave states align with live gongs, didjeridoos, and light percussion for a dreamy, relaxing experience.

Galactic Groove CD Release Party: Saturday 4 PM

The latest Binaural Beat Brothers album is a dedication to cosmic dance, drum & movement. These therapeutic soundscapes are the most complex yet & are coupled with drum set, shakers, didjeridoos, singing bowls & gongs. If you’re seeking a unique, ecstatic dance experience, then Galactic Groove will help you move and shake to the resonance of oneness in the present moment. This is a CD release party event, so come celebrate the birth of this new album with us! 

Therapeutic Sound & Cymatics : Sunday 1 PM

This workshop is our offering to the world of alternative science. You’re sure to leave with a fresh, and perhaps mind-blowing, perspective of the cosmos. We will guide you on a scientific journey of sound, the body, binaural beats, frequencies, the latest in quantum mechanics, and cymatics, as well as discuss some interesting relationships between ancient cosmic lore and astronomical cymatics. Once we have securely shepherded your minds into the dimension of sound, we will perform a short composition to highlight the experiences we have shared in acoustical science and

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