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Brenda McMorrow and John de Kadt

Brenda McMorrow and John de Kadt create a powerful and ecstatic Kirtan experience of song and sound, featuring Brenda’s exquisite voice and folk-inspired guitar and John’s mesmerizing percussion and spoken word. Their music and mystic poetry, along with the sublime steel Hang (pronounced “hung”), take us on a stirring, nourishing and heart opening journey into the world of sacred sound.

Brenda McMorrow


Brenda OM photo

Devotional Chant Artist Brenda McMorrow travels worldwide sharing her deep devotion to the celebration of our true beings through the joyous practice of Kirtan. She has accompanied Grammy Award winning cellist David Darling and Kirtan musicians such as Jai Uttal, Wah!, David Newman and Dave Stringer and has been invited to Bhakti Yoga Festivals and events across North America, Europe and Asia as part of her most recent touring schedule. When not on the Bhakti road, Brenda calls beautiful Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Brenda’s Sri Ma Video with David Darling:



John de Kadt

John de Kadt is a percussionist, storyteller and poet from the United States. He has studied and played ethnic hand percussive instruments for over 30 years, studied with percussion masters around the world, and has performed on PBS and NBC. John tours internationally and plays at Yoga festivals, retreats and events across the globe. He is a founding member of the Hanumen and has released 4 CD’s and is highly sought after for his unique blending of drums,mystic poetry and



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