Vendor Village

vendor-rowCheck out the amazing local, sustainable, delightful and delicious Free Range Handpicked Vendors we have in store for our festival community!!!

From all over the region, a few West coasters and some Organic fresh picked Food Vendors from around New England…

We’ve got you covered from head to toe, inside, out side and inner side with beautiful art makers, beauty shakers, local inspirers and sustainable global attire…

Bring your hard earned Green Energy and show the world where you want your dollars to go.

2017 Vendor List

Copper and Wire
Handmade high quality artisan products including copper enamel, wire wrapping, flower mandalas, and clothing

Mystic Unity Creations
Hello Unifier! I’m a visionary artist named Nate (IllumiNate) with his own Business called Mystic Unity creations. Over the past two years Ive established myself as one of the only artist/manufactures on the east coast printing lenticular holgorams, and am extremely excited about the prospect of attending your festival! I represent a whole host of artists I’ve make and sell prints for- and also work with a very conscious clothing company called ( to print my own clothing line with celanite crystal infused screen printing inks. I have everything from holographic prints/ to the highest quality clothes to bandannas and pins. Let me know if you think my company/self would be a good fit to your festival!

Evolvlove Sound Therapy
Sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls. 15 and 30 minute sessions.

Earth Tribe
We are an artists collective based in NY specializing in mixed media art and crystals gemstones and fossils. Some of our mediums include but are not limited to clothing, jewelry, mosaic, print and glass art.

Organically Mental
Organically Mental is a integrated wellness support provider focusing heavily on the natural and organic management and treatment of mental health issues. Organically Mental strives to provide free education to support wellness of body, mind, and spirit. Organically Mental has partnered with Ravenscroft Escentials and Ravenscroft east coast partner.
Ravenscroft Escentials is based in Oregon. Through divine intervention I met the owner and creater- Ginger. Together we have brought these beautiful gifts to the East Coast. All products are 100% handmade at home and a Massachusetts workshop is in the process.
Ravenscroft Escentials creates beautiful essential oil blends that are crafted with loving intention. Blends include body serums, the worlds first edible ingestible oil blends, and mists. Each blend is crafted to provide support and relief from a variety of dis-ease including; anxiety, depression, chronic pain, nerve damage, high blood pressure etc. Our top sellers in this category include our Beautiful Facial Repair Serum- designed to treat skin conditions and also reduces wrinkles and aging spots. Muscle Regeneration- Applied topically to reduce inflammation and pain from injury, surgery, arthritis, etc. Spiritual Annointing- A great blend to induce deeper states of meditation and connection to spirit. Also provides relief for those suffering from ADHD, PTSD, Anxiety. Elevation of Mind- created from the four highest vibrational plants in the world this blend naturally produces your bodies own serotonin to help with anxiety and depression. ”

Traveling Bohemian
I will be selling Festival clothing custom designed by myself. Sterling and Brass Jewellery. Malas, and bags. Everything handmade, everything fair trade.
We have leather hip bags and purses made from humane recycled leather. We have raw stone jewellery that is Reiki blessed that i have personally designed.

Pachamamas Daughters
I have handmade crafts such as purses and jewelry from colombia and Uganda

Tom Jenks Art
Tom Jenks Art embraces outdoor production. No indoor rooms are heated or ventilated, just an unheated barn and periodic outdoor situations. Most of my clothing is bleach stencil, so it doesn’t use dyes or inks. Sometimes I do screen printing, and that’s all water based, not plastisol.

Hand of Dave: Arts of David Drew Longey
art prints


Please note: all schedules subject to change.