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All Night Sacred Fire Circle Ceremony

All night healing and expressive arts fire circle ceremony from Saturday midnight until dawn. Orientation begins at midnight. What happens during the all night fire circle ritual? Many of us have been moved by music, art and dance. Something happens […]


Ancestral Blessing, Lantern lighting

Ancestral Blessing, Lantern lighting We are gathering together from many places and for multiple reasons upon  this beautiful land. As we are together being present in the moment and making connections for the future, let us Remember to honor those […]



  Check out Undakova on: http://undakova.ontrapages.com/events Facebook Youtube/Vimeo Channel Bandcamp/Soundcloud Dream Beat Wellness Ritual: Ecstatic Dance & Led Affirmations based on the 7 Chakras of Hindu Cosmology set to Dope Beats 1.5 or 2 hour Dream Beat is a contemporary […]

Please note: all schedules subject to change.