For over twenty years, David Jason Williams a.k.a. U.N.D.A.K.O.V.A (Universe. Naturally. Delivers. All. Knowledge. Of. Vitality. Automatically.) has been awakening audiences with his special brand of insightful & knowledge­ infused hip hop. He spiritually guides his listeners and shares the […]


Billy Woods

Qi Gung, A Road to Better Health Qi Gung (Chi Kung) practice was developed in China over a period of centuries to increase ones level of internal vitality through use of breath’ slow movement forms which are often based on […]

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Leslie Salmon-Jones & Jeff Jones

LESLIE SALMON JONES: Founder of Afro Flow Yoga® Afro Flow Yoga® founder, Leslie Salmon Jones enjoys a career working with clients, students, diverse populations, and community organizations to help develop mastery over their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-beings. Since […]


Embodyoga® Teacher

Corinne Andrews is the co-owner of Yoga Center Amherst and teaches weekly Embodyoga® classes. She is the lead teacher for the 200 hr Embodyoga® Teacher Trainings and has been teaching all ages and abilities since 2003. Corinne and her husband […]


Denise Porter Kemp

Denise Porter Kemp makes yoga practice accessible to the uniqueness of every body while expressing the deeper teachings of yoga through the experiential practice of the physical form. Based in the forests of New Hampshire, she brings her traveling yoga […]


Chandra Cantor

Chandra has had a lifelong involvement in Dance, Yoga and the Movement Arts. Her study of Yoga has taken her throughout the Northeast, NY, CA and India. Chandra has taught Yoga for 20 years in the Boston area where she […]


Arden Sundari Pierce

Arden Sundari, BA South Asian Studies, a yoga teacher and yoga therapist since 1992, certified as Structural Yoga Therapist, and trained in Krishnamacharya lineage and Shiatsu. She has taught at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies and presented at the International Yoga Therapy Conferences. […]


Hannah Landes

Hannah fell in love with yoga in the wake of a profoundly life-changing massage, and the two are inextricable from each other as a result. That was years ago, and now this licensed massage therapist uses the principles of her […]