Chris Sturk & Casey Ray of Binaural Beat Brothers

Saturday 3pm Resonant Vibrations ~ Didge & Gong

Featuring Chris Sturk & Casey Ray of Binaural Beat Brothers

Let the cosmic audio of our perceived duality play out in an aboriginal orchestra of gong, didge and singing bowls. Get deeply grounded and then sail to the stars, as these power vibrations fill the space.

Chris SturkBioChrisSturk1

Chris works with therapeutic sound throughout New England. Residing in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts, he provides sound for meditation and yoga. He is a founding member of The Resonance Collective and Binaural Beat Brothers ft. Resonant Phibrations — a group of sound workers that incorporate binaural beats, intentional frequencies, and sacred sound instruments into sound experiences.


Casey RayBioCaseyRay

I am a mathematical, acoustical cosmonaut surfing ethereal waves harmonic; I breathe sunlight and am a brother to lightning. Through several years of study, I have come to find that my understandings of life are shared through my passions to communicate concepts of Sacred Geometry, Science, Music, and Souls; I am a scholar of purpose. Be well, and never forget: The beat doesn’t stop!!

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