Dona Ho Lightsey – Ama’zjhi-Sound Mother of Diamond Love

Dona Ho Lightsey- is a Sound Mother of Diamond Love, and Creator of Violet Alchemy® Healing/Cleansing /Empowerment- a Psycho-Spiritual, Multi-dimensional Energy Therapy for Conscious Evolution. As a High Priestess Channel for the Enlightened Masters and Archangels, She ignites the flame of Divinity within a Soul through her Sound transmissions of Divine Light, Love and Creation Power.
A Sacred Mystery School Teacher of Ascension and Shakti-M-Power, She offers Certified Training in Violet Alchemy® Dowsing, private sessions, SoundHealing Journeys and Shamanic Shakti Dance Temple in New Paltz, NY.  An Intuitive Singer, Certified Sound Healer for 11 years, Dona Ama’zjhi is also a Mentor of the Divine University.
Conscious Loving- “Sacred Relationship & The Ruby Temple Mysteries of Isis”
In Sacred Relationship is it essential to take responsibility for the Self and this includes your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and sexual well being. Conscious loving begins with Self Love.  Conscious evolution can take place when we become aware of what is needed to be resolved, and then making a conscious choice to transmute it, bringing unconscious energies back into the light, in order for change and growth. In our time together we will activate more awareness and illuminate the Soul for a transformational shift.
  The focus of this sacred workshop :
1.  What is Sacred Relationship  and what does it mean to be be responsible for the SELF?  On a conscious Path for Evolution,  what are the four things one must agree to let go of?
2. How do we stand as perpetrator, victim or witness with ourself and others
3. What is the Sacred Sexual Self ? How do we engage with our co-creator powers and how can we use it for manifestation??
4. “Accessing the “Kundalini serpents” through healing the shadow” – We will offer a Violet alchemy® Healing for the chakra system transmuting wounds or patterns of Separation or Disconnection from your Sacred Sexual Self .
5. What are The 4 “A’s”  or stages of sacred relationship.
6. What are the 3 “D’s”,  or Deal Breakers of Dysfunctional relationships.
Suggestion: Bring mat or blanket for comfort, water bottle for hydration


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