Grandmother Kaariina

  • Chose to reincarnate at the juxtaposition of Three Great Lakes; deep knowing of lineages of Mothers and Grandmothers before I was 2 yrs old. Recipient of many shamanic initiations and inner realizations through conscious choices and the Voices of Ancestors in many forms. Travelled path of family and society as well, partly because of conditioning, partly because it was interesting . Internally and selfdirected. Pulled to education, teaching, guiding, visions, developping training programmes and youth and peer leadership. Living our parents legacies of preservation of wilderness, sustainability, clearing akhasa of Ancestors, enjoying young people and receptive to Elders Messages from The Other Side. Truly enjoying the numinosity of life and bridging cultures and dimensions as a Spirit Grandmother of the Turquoise Heart! ACCESS infinity for there is nothing more than this!

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