Hanifa Nayo

Hanifa picked up the guitar 20 years ago to accompany her poetry and songs and has been on a ride of spirit, healing, and soul connecting ever since. She is answering her calling as an artist and soul teacher blending by her sweet songs with somatic healing and guided meditations.

Hanifa Nayo- means the Bringer of Happiness With Whom I Go in Yorubic.

Native to Detroit and currently living in New Haven, CT Hanifa has been bringing the happiness since 1977.

Hanifa is a spoken word poet, creative writer, storyteller, and intuitive energy healer.

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Mantras For The Revolution

Join healing songtress Hanifa Nayo offering medicine in her words, mantras,and songs.

Circle up with her for a radical healing session called Mantras For The Revolution- experience deep connection, sacred play, release, and a sweet energetic tune up!

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Please note: all schedules subject to change.