Hannah Landes

Hannah fell in love with yoga in the wake of a profoundly life-changing massage, and the two are inextricable from each other as a result. That was years ago, and now this licensed massage therapist uses the principles of her disciplines of orthopedic, deep tissue, myofascial and Thai massage to inform the experience she offers in a yoga class. A local of Jamaica Plains, Boston, where she teaches and massages at JP Centre Yoga, Hannah sequences for strength, stability, and muscular integration while directing attention the breath and mental clarity that is born of that physical practice.


Set your body straight with a intuitive vinyasa flow focused on alignment, strength and concentration. Whether you’ve been sleeping in a tent or driving in a car, work the kinks and creaks out of your joints and muscles so you can enjoy the rest of your weekend with ease and physical integrity. The more rigorous flow will be followed by some mellow restorative poses as an opportunity to metabolize your own efforts before you rush off to the joys of the festival (and to make space for a little Thai massage relaxing assists)!

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