Living Light

Brainchild of Psylab keyboardist Eartha Harris, Living Light blends
downtempo dub grooves, deep sub bass, sparkling synth melodies, Indian
vocals, and soft flutes to guide listeners into a space of sacred
sunshine and magic.

Life-long musician, Eartha produced for her solo project “Project
Sphere” from 1998-2006 and has been touring and playing live keys with
Psylab for the past 7 years. Living Light was birthed spring 2013 and
right away went on to rock festivals and venues including PEX
Summerfest, Return to Roots, Fractalfest, The Chapel of Sacred
Mirrors, GeoParadise Tribal Gathering, Envision Festival, and such
notorious Burning Man camps as Fractal Nation, Sacred Spaces, Atheme,
and many others.

Living Light’s first full length album “Ecliptic Visions” was released
fall 2013 on Desert Trax to rave review and chart-topping success, and
is available on iTunes, Beaport, Amazon, and all major music outlets.

The name Living Light has multiple meanings. In addition to honoring
the sun as our life source, Living Light also refers to “living
lightly” upon the planet, maintaining a positive outlook on life,
living a low-materialistic lifestyle, and gives nod to the human
body’s cells emitting photons. We are light beings!

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/livinglight
Facebook: facebook.com/livinglightfrequencies
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ecliptic-visions/id740294549
Beatport: www.beatport.com/release/ecliptic-visions/1195231


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