MacKenzie Greenwood

Wild Medicines

Learn to make simple medicine at home to treat common ailments and support a healthy body mind and soul. We will discuss a few common “weeds” that have medicinal and/or adaptogenic qualities, and then make samples together to take home. This workshop will cover the basics of tea and tincture making. Participants will learn from hands on preparation as well as a walk to identify plants on the property that may be used fresh or dry, and address how to positively identify wild plants and avoid lookalikes.

MacKenzie Greenwood

MacKenzie Greenwood brings fun and fundamentals of permaculture together into interactive talks, walks, and workshops. She earned her PDC with Delvin Solkinson of Gaiacraft and is currently working on the early stages of cultivating agroforestry on two properties on the east coast. Her life is her art, and her art is her work.

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Please note: all schedules subject to change.