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Malia Swift Kulp

Malia Swift Kulp is a sound and energy healer, singer and teacher. She began performing at age 7 in the NY Metropolitan Opera Children’s Chorus. Since then she has mastered a wide range of musical genres from gospel to rock, from improvisation with Bobby McFerrin to next generation kirtan. She performs currently with Srikalogy and the Dub Kirtan All-Stars, both groups fuse mantra with dub, hip hop, reggae and world beats. Her passion for improvisational singing, dancing, community and consciousness awakening inform her facilitation of large song circles and intimate classes called Togethering. She conducts group and private sound and energy healing sessions known as Sonergy Sessions. Malia’s energy is electrifying and and her voice will lift your spirit and inspire you to join her as she leads you through musical healing journeys.


An extraordinary journey through Sound and Energy Healing Meditation. Malia Swift Kulp is known for her sonic channeling and vocal frequency range. She will facilitate energetic flow, healing releases and deep shamanic journeying. Malia and Sonerg collaborators Erik Lawrence, Maia Monasterios and other special guests will bathe you in sound with Crystal Bowls, Flute and a wide range of Harmonic Instruments, while they use healing energy techniques sourced from Traditional Usui, Karuna and Holy Fire Reiki, Pranashakti and Angelic Liquid Light. You have the option to receive personalized attention from Malia and friends as they move around the room offering hands-on energy work, tuning forks and vibrational vocal frequencies.

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