Matt Carey

A Multi-Instrumentalist, producer and performer, Matt Carey is an up and coming talent that showcases a versatility, intention and quality of work that is poised to peak the interests of music fans worldwide. At 27 years of age, Matt has become a fixture in the North East U.S. Music Festival Scene and is well established internationally, now approaching his sixth year performing throughout Central America. 2016 saw the release of Matt’s debut full-length album, “Born into Babylon”. The album delivers a diverse sonic journey rooted in house music, weaving vibes, instruments and cultures creating a unique signature style. Live, Matt creates a multi-sensory visionary atmosphere utilizing his own vocals, analog FX and live instrumentation to bring an interactive and unique live performance. His productions consist of sounds, themes and instruments derived from a wide variety of places, times and emotions, creating an immersive audio journey.

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