Pachamama Puppets

The Pachamama Puppets are giant, tiny and everything in between. We create spiritually and socially active theatre experiences on the streets and in theaters with children and adults to inspire and transform society towards sustainable living on Mother Earth. The name Pachamama means “Mother Earth” and comes from the Indigenous people of the Andes who have fought for vital legislation where people can argue for Mother Earth. Our mission rises from the collective wisdom of indigenous peoples and Buddhist principles to inspire a rapid shift in human consciousness towards sustainability, peace, and cooperation through unexpected beauty, radical truth telling and love filled goofiness.


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The Mandala Circus: Transmutation of Fire!

The Pachamama Puppets are excited to be bringing their Community Performance Action “The Mandala Circus: Transmutation of Fire” to Unifier this year! The community can join us in carrying giant puppets from the 4 directions to the Mandala stage where the land, water, air and the fire beings will guide us in knowing how to transmute our relationship with fire into renewability and peace.

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Please note: all schedules subject to change.