Roberto Lim: Stoking the Heart Fire-A Prana Flow Community Practice

Roberto Lim

“Stoking the Heart Fire – A Prana Flow Community Practice with Roberto Lim”

Join me for a Prana Flow sadhana where we relate the universal symbol of fire within our heart and offer our practice to the divine temple of our body and outwards to the community at Unifier Festival and beyond. All levels are welcome to be led by the natural rhythm of their breath in a conscious evolutionary experience.

Roberto’s teaching style is based on Prana Flow – – which is an energetic, creative full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga created by Shiva Rea with whom Roberto has been a devoted student since 2005. He has been teaching in the Boston area since 2004 and has taught internationally leading workshops in Japan, Denmark, Italy and Lebanon, and retreats in Costa Rica, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Holding the unique divinity of each participant in the highest regard, his intention is to facilitate and support the evolutionary process of embodiment uniting mind, body and Spirit. See for more information. photo credit: Sky Von

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Please note: all schedules subject to change.