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Summit Jaffe, as Numatik, offers fresh and timelessly deep sonic expressions of love and gratitude. Currenty nestled in the ancient mountains of Appalachia, Summit has been digging deeper and deeper into his creative outlets in a mission of self-discovery and unfoldment. After experimenting with and learning the intricacies of analog synthesis at a young age, he […]


Adam Bauer

A longtime student of spiritual practice and musical magic, Adam Bauer is an emerging presence in the chanting, yoga and creative arts space. His first solo record, is Shyam Lila. Adam began practicing hatha yoga in 1986, and co-founded reggae-rock pioneers The Equalites in 1987. A kirtan musician for the past twelve years, Adam played bass […]


Binaural Beat Brothers

Chris Sturk of Binaural Beat Brothers Chris works with therapeutic sound throughout New England. Residing in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts, he provides sound for meditation and yoga. He is a founding member of The Resonance Collective and Binaural Beat Brothers ft. Resonant Phibrations — a group of sound workers that incorporate binaural beats, […]



♥ ReBelle ♥ is a powerful musical force conceived in love, rebellion and the evocative musical vigor of Kalpana Devi and Emmanuel Manou. Their eloquent composition moves along limbs of rasta; elements of jazz and folk; poetic insurgence; ardent rhythm.   https://www.facebook.com/ReBelle-164452575479/app/2405167945/


Ryan Curtis

I create and share art with the intention of communicating and celebrating sacred, profound and beautiful aspects of life and spirituality. I aim to make work that powerfully references and communicates the vital connection to the divine that we are all invited to experience and share in. I choose to align with the universal current […]

Forestdance Mass_0

All Night Sacred Fire Circle Ceremony

All night healing and expressive arts fire circle ceremony from Saturday midnight until dawn. Orientation begins at midnight. What happens during the all night fire circle ritual? Many of us have been moved by music, art and dance. Something happens when we “lose” our selves for a while on the dance floor. Bliss, ecstasy, frustrations […]


Kelli Joy

Kelli Joy A sound seamstress weaving threads of frequency connecting hearts and minds to the One Love that binds us into tribe. She studied the science and spirit of vibration alchemy with masters of the craft and come to her own unique expression of visionary soundscaping. Kelli Joy holds sacred space for powerful transformation through […]


Denise Porter Kemp

Stillness in Motion Yoga and Movement Meditation Workshop Movement is a continuum of still moments through time. Postural yoga is an interesting way to sensitize to each moment in the movement while also recognizing the whole continuum held in each moment. In this workshop we will consciously experiment with how much to lean in or […]


Chase Hanna

Visualization. Intention. Conception. My personal work is primarily an emotion based abstraction of the photonic realm. Inspired by the most ancient of cultures while simultaneously being motivated through modern technological pursuits; I work within a melting pot of mediums that is ever growing from living flesh, decorative glass paintings and furniture fabrication to functional utility […]



Drawing on varying influences both musical and spiritual, Incus stands beyond simple definition in it’s musicality and style. Offering various combinations of keyboards, accordion, bass, violin, cello, trumpet, sax, Hang, and percussion with male and female vocals, whatever the combination and lineup Incus creates a beautifully haunting and deep heartfelt soundscape, replete with mesmerizing rhythms […]

Please note: all schedules subject to change.