Unifier Vendor Guide

Unifier Vendor Guidelines 2016

Important Dates
Event : June 17- 20th 2016
Vendor Load In: June 15th 11am-8pm.
ALL CARS WILL BE REMOVED FROM MAIN FIELD BY 8PM. No one will be able to load in after 8pm.
Sales: Booths must stay open until at least 4pm on Sunday.
Load Out: All vendors must be packed out and off site by Monday at 1:00pm.

Duration: Accepted Vendors must arrive on Wednesday between the hours of 11-8pm. All booths must be fully set up and ready to move cars off the main field by 8 pm. No arrivals will be permitted after 8pm and we will suggest a staggered set up schedule prior to the setup day. Booths must stay open until 4pm on Sunday June 19th, but at your discretion you may choose to stay open longer as there is music through the evening on Sunday on. All vendors must be packed out and off site by Monday by 1:00pm.

Registration & Payment: You may register for the Unifier Festival by reading the Vendor Guide and submitting the signed Application. Please click on the links to download the documents and we will send you a link for payment once we receive your completed application and booth photos. Deadline for registration is May 27, 2016. You will be notified if you have been accepted within a week of receiving your application. Payments can be made via certified bank check, through our via a Paypal link we will send out once you have been accepted as a vendor.

Please mail checks to

Unifier Festival
74 Long Hill Rd
Leverett, MA 01054
make checks payable to: Heartbeat Collective Productions

Selection Criteria: Applicants will be selected based on originality, sustainability, craftsmanship, overall connection to the Unifier theme, quality of goods, and booth setups. We will do our best to represent an eclectic, diverse and high quality marketplace through our selections. Handmade Work, Original Art, Sustainable Products, Heirloom Artisans, Creative Alchemists and Organic, Local Sustainable and High Vibration Food Vendors will be considered as a priority to Unifier. Imported Goods and Mass Produced items are not what we are looking for, if you do sell imports please apply only if you have a connection to your items, and a relationship with the people and places you are importing from and can provide information that the craftsmen/women are paid a liveable wage and have safe working conditions. We are looking for high level artisans, crafts people and for all our categories of vendors we want to represent a high vibration and conscious creation from food to art to body workers. Food Vendors are required to use sustainable and eco friendly containers and packaging and a plate rental program will be made available to festival attendees to lessen the footprint of disposables. If you do not currently have sustainable packaging for your containers please check out these links so we can keep the festival as green as possible.


Vendor Applications will be reviewed in the order in which they are received . Unifier Festival reserves the right to reject any application and to withdraw acceptance of any application. Your application will be processed within a week of receiving it and you will then be furnished a link for payment or can send us a check once your booth has been accepted.

Booths/Booth Sharing: Booths/Booth Sharing: We offer 2 Booth Options either 10 x 10 feet or 10 X 20 feet. Vendors are responsible for providing their own booth and shade structures, tables, chairs, equipment, signage, extensions cords and power strips. Sharing booths with another vendor will be permitted for an additional $100 fee. If you wish to share a booth with another vendor, you are each required to submit an application stating that you are planning on sharing, and the name of the other vendor you would like to share space with. Please Note: that this additional vendor fee does not gain you any additional festival entry passes to the event.

Power Requirements:  Please indicate on the vendor application if you will need power and how many amps you intend to use. Our power source is limited and we ask that you keep your needs to a minimum, under 15 amps is FREE and is standard for basic lighting and devices. Power needs over 15 amps is $25 and we can only accommodate a few requests for this. If you have special electrical requirements please e-mail your exact needs and we will try to accommodate you for an additional fee. Food Vendors please specify your needs as we understand that you have larger output from your trucks or setups.

Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi for vendors will be made available.  Passwords are not to be shared with anyone, or service will slow, we are in the deep woods, so please respect this.  Only vendors that verify use of payment systems through Wi-Fi will be given access.

Cancellation Policy: Once payment is accepted through our link there are no refunds for your booth space. In the event that the Unifier Festival is canceled, any vending fees paid to the Unifier Festival will be refunded within 30 days of the cancellation date.


  • 10′ x 10’ booth  $300 / $400 shared
  • 10’ x 20’ booth $500 / $600 shared
  • Food Vending  and Food Trucks $550
  • Non Profit Organization $150 ( only includes 1 festival pass)
  • Electricity  under 15 amps is FREE
  • Electricity over 15 amps $25
  • Electricity over 50 amps must be purchased by special arrangement through the vendor coordinator and only a few requests for this will be accommodated.

Vendor Check-In: 2 weeks prior to the festival you will be e-mailed your vendor check-in time and specific set-up information. Please print and bring that email with you for check-in. Arrival will be staggered to provide ease of check in, set up and scheduling other services that coincide with pre-festival preparation. Check-in starts at 11:00 am Wednesday, June 15th. All vehicles must be out of the vending area by 8pm on Wednesday. Late arrivals or setting up on Thursday is not permitted, please do your best to arrive on time and get your booth setup on Wednesday. You should be set up and open for business on Thursday June 16th by 11:00am You may begin to breakdown at any time after 4:00pm on Sunday June 19th but you may stay set up until Sunday night and plan to be off site by 12:00pm Noon on Monday June 20th. There will be live music through the evening on Sunday so staying open may be of interest. Please Note: You will need to get a car pass to drive onto the field either Sunday or Monday to load out.

Vendor Credentials: Upon Check-in you will be given a Unifier Festival vendor packet with the following:

  • Two (2) vendor credential passes
  • One (1) on-site vehicle pass for set-up (off-site parking is available once you’ve set-up)
  • A festival map, that identifies your booth assignment
  • Electrical hook up designation
  • We will also provide other helpful information you may need, including emergency contact information to use if needed during the festival.
  • We ask that you and all members of your crew arrive with a current Federal or State photo id and your confirmation e-mail in order for us to check you in.
  • If your booth assistant plans to arrive separately from you please have them provide an id to receive their credentials.
  • Please note that additional festival passes may be purchased online or through the box office at the check in area for the full ticket price
  • Non Profit Organizations will only receive  One (1) set of credentials for Unifier Festival, additional passes can be purchased at the regular price from our website or the box office at the check in area for the full ticket price

Parking & Camping

Due to limited parking on the festival grounds there will be No on-site parking. Vendors will be asked to unload and once you’ve set-up to then move your vehicle(s) to a specified lot.

Please Note: For vendors who plan to camp there will be a limited number of campsite locations near the vending areas but all campsites are on a first come basis, in addition we also have FREE Woodland Camping, and Cabins that can be purchased for an additional fee. There will be no camping or lodging behind your booth. You may sleep inside of your booth if you like, but no tents/rv’s or other platforms will not be allowed to be visible behind your vending booth. Woodland and Lakeside camping will be available for no charge and individual beds in shared cabins will be available for purchase. We will release a link to vendors 48 hours before the general public receives the announcement that cabins are for sale.  Please indicate on your vendor application form, your lodging needs so we can notify  you via e-mail when the beds are made available or if you plan to camp.

Permits and Licenses:  All Vendors are required to provide Unifier Festival with a valid completed Mass State Sales Tax Certificate and For Food Vendors and Body Workers A Proof of Liability Insurance  must be mailed in PDF format  and a printed copy must be posted in your booth.  We are still working with the town of Tolland regarding licensing/permits for food vendors and we will keep you posted regarding their requirements. Please plan to have all of your printed licensing and insurance info on hand at your booth for state or local inspectors.

Food Vendors:Servsafe Certificates are required to be posted in your food vending area, food truck or festival tent. Please be sure to e-mail all insurance, tax documentation, non profit status  and liability information respectively to [email protected] prior to May 25,2016. Failure to do so will result in a forfeiture of your booth space.

Handling of Merchandise & Money: Unifier will be providing general festival security during the duration of the festival; however each vendor is solely responsible for the handling and security of money, merchandise or property that is in the vendor’s possession during the event.Please take whatever measure you need to insure your booth is secure and never leave any cash or other valuables in your booth after you close for the evening.

Taxes: Vendor shall obtain a Massachusetts State Sales Tax Certificate with your W-9 Federal  Tax ID #each and vendor has the sole responsibility for collection and payment of said taxes to the State of MA. Unifier Festival does not assume responsibility for the collection of said taxes and vendor will hold Unifier Festival harmless in any action regarding failure to do so. Each vendor must display a printed copy of their Sales Tax Certificate in their booth space.

Quality & Professionalism: Vendors agree to maintain their booth(s) and surroundings areas with an attractive, inviting, beautiful and professional experience at all times.  Each vendor is asked to treat all Unifier event staff, personnel and festival goers in a kind and mutually respectful manner. All equipment used by a vendor shall be maintained in  safe working order and  and comply with any/all State, County and local electrical, fire and health code (food) requirements.  Electrical outlets should be off the ground, duct taped and secured in your tent for the safety of all attendees All Vending booth areas behind, inside and in front of the booth must be kept accessible to people to flow within the areas and to maintain a safe and well thought out booth display. All trash, recycling and personal property must be packed in and packed out and your booth area must be left in it’s original condition . Our onsite green team will help collect trash and make the transition easy for you to dispose of items you may have accumulated.

Restrictions: No alcoholic beverages or music are allowed in the vendor booths. Unifier reserves the right to restrict any activities deemed to interfere with public access, safety or  festival programming.

Agreement: The undersigned agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Unifier Festival and Girl Scouts of Massachusetts and their respective personnel, agents and representatives individually from and against any and all losses and damages sustained as a result of participation at the Unifier Festival 2016.

Unifier Festival may sustain by reason of damage to property or injury to or death of any person, or for any loses or damages sustained by Unifier Festival as a result of negligence of the UNDERSIGNED vendor OR THEIR REPRESENTATIVE(S), vendor’s servants or agents relating to vending activities.

Compliance: Applicant also agrees to comply with all Unifier Festival, state and local regulations and follow the directives of Unifier Festival Staff and Volunteers.

Please sign on the application that you have read this guide and agree to it’s contents herein.

If you have any questions please contact the vendor coordinator at [email protected] and we look forward to connecting at the festival and expect an amazing and  prosperous event marketplace.

Authority: Applicant understands that the Vending Coordinator and Unifier Festival have final say on items for sale and menu items. All decisions made by Vendor Coordinator and Unifier Festival are final.