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Applicants will be selected based on originality, sustainability, craftsmanship, overall connection to the Unifier theme, quality of goods, and booth setups. We will do our best to represent an eclectic, diverse and high quality marketplace through our selections. Handmade Work, Original Art, Sustainable Products, Heirloom Artisans, Creative Alchemists and Organic, Local Sustainable and High Vibration Food Vendors will be considered as a priority to Unifier.

Description of Business

Please include short bio and types of items you are vending. Limit 150 words. (required)

Are you planning on sharing a booth?
(Please note addtional $100 fee per booth applies.)

If yes, include the name of the other vendor you are planning on sharing with (Please note both vendors are required to complete an application to be considered).

Booth Costs

QtyBooth TypeBooth Cost
10' x 10'$300 ($400 if shared)
10' x 20'$500 ($600 if shared)
Food Vendor$550

Booth Assistant Name

Type of Vendor

Please note: Food Vendors and Bodyworkers (aka anyone who touches an attendee's body during a session, henna artists excluded) must carry a valid $1,000,000 minimum in liability insurance.

For practitioners and body workers a malpractice insurance policy with coverage naming Unifier Festival an additional insured is required. Failure to provide proof of coverage by May 25th will result in a forfeiture of your booth space.

Your insurance carrier should be able to add a secondary insured for no additional charge to you. Please contact a representative from your insurance agent to make these arrangements. All liability insurance pdf’s should be e-mailed to the Vendor Coordinator.

Non-profit vendors agree no goods may be sold and must furnish us a mailed copy of your 501C3 Status Form.


Will your booth require electricity?

If yes, how many amps do you require?
15 amps FREE.
over 15 amps $25

If your booth requires more than 50 amps, please make special arrangements with the Vendor Coordinator and let us know your needs below.


Please check here if you are using a payment system that requires internet. (required) Yes

Vendor Lodging

Do you plan to
Please note there will be no camping or lodging behind your booth. You may sleep inside of your booth if you like but no tents/rvs or other platforms will be allowed to be visible behind your vending booth.

Woodland and Lakeside camping will be available for no charge and individual beds in shared cabins will be available.

Cabins are on a first come / first served basis but vendors will receive links 48 hours before they go live to the public for purchasing beds in a cabin. You will have a first opportunity to buy a bed before we release the option to the general public.

Total Headcount for Your Booth


Estimated Total Due

Once we receive your completed application we will send you a link to pay for your booth and additional services.

Vehicle Information

Car Make/Model and Plate & State
Food Vendors Vehicle Type and Size


How did you hear about Unifier Festival?

Are you willing to promote the event?

How many fliers will you need?
Please be sure to provide a valid mailing address.

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I have read and agree to the above listed herein and have read, understand and accept the policies of the Unifier Vendor Guide. I understand the Vendor Coordinator and Unifier Festival have final approval say on all item offerings including food menus. (initials required)

Further, I understand my application is not complete until I submit photos and my Massachusetts sales tax information to the Vendor Coordinator according to the instructions in the sidebar of this page. (initials required)

Photos should be sent to [email protected]
The subject should read "BOOTH NAME Photos"

Step 2: Submit your Images

Please provides three images of your displays and set up and one of your complete booth setup.

Please submit images by email to the Vendor CoordinatorImages should be no larger than 1000 pixels wide on their longest side at 72 dpi. If you don’t have tools to resize your image, you can do it online.

We will accept .jpg, .gif and .png files.

Step 3: Provide Sales Tax Status

All vendors need to supply Massachusetts state sales tax status form. To do so:

Step 1: Login or Register on the site
Step 2: Go to Webfile for Business
Step 3: Register Now

The process takes about 10 minutes and the form takes about a week to 10 days to get to you. Your application is not complete without this information. All state certificates must be photographed or saved as pdf files and sent to the Vendor Coordinator.

Questions before you commit?
Be sure to read every word of the Unifier Festival Vendor Guide. If you still have questions you can contact our Vendor Coordinator.