The Magnaterrestrials

The Magnaterrestrials are an amoeba of dancers, musicians, artists, and activists dedicated to exploring and expanding the healing potential of the live music experience. The Magnaterrestrial mission is to deepen the connection between musicians and listeners/movers through play, art, and ignition of spiritual confidence in every being. The Magnaterrestrials facilitate workshops, coordinate festival family programming, and offer roving and stage performance.

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Improvisational Hoop Dance, Pyramid Building and HuMandalas, Bends With Friends: Cooperative Flexibility Training

Improvisational Hoop Dance

Hoopers of all levels are welcome to come explore hoop skills and concepts that unlock spontaneous, creative improvisation.

Pyramid Building and HuMandalas
Get upside-down, side-ways, and all around with your body in this human shape building workshop. Build strength and cooperation through play.

Bends With Friends: Cooperative Flexibility Training
Learn healthy tools to build flexibility and strength through partner stretching. Give your body the foundation it needs to develop your dance, circus, or any other physical practice.

Family Chill Zone (FCZ) Coordination/Oversight, Whimsical Face Painting, Family Sing + Jam-Along

FCZ Coordination/Oversight:
The Family Chill Zone (FCZ), coordinated by The Magnaterrestrials, is a relaxing safe space for festival-goers of all ages to relax together with calm art projects as well as family friendly activities and workshops. The FCZ tent will be located on the main field.

Whimsical Face Painting
The Magnaterrestrials will offer two sessions of Whimsical Face painting. Children of all ages can adorn their bodies with nature-based and ornamental designs co-imagined by the artist and receiver.

Family Sing + Jam-Along
The Magnaterrestrials will offer two Family Sing + Jam-Along sessions where participants of any age can come and co-create new improvisational music and fresh versions of old time classics. Facilitators will be leading each sing-along on banjo, melodica, kazoo, and other quirky noise-makers.


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